Attorney and Law Firm Marketing

Legal marketing is one of the most competitive and potentially profitable niches online. In addition to the highly competitive nature of the Law Marking niche, law related websites fall under what Google considers a “Your Money or Your Life” type site. Legal, Financial and Medical websites are subject to additional scrutiny and higher standards by Google. Obvious reason is that “Your Money or Your Life” type websites and businesses have the capacity to do great […]

5 Effective Marketing Methods For Lawyers

It’s no secret that marketing is the lifeline of any business and for lawyers, there is no exception. However attorneys may not be proficient at enacting the most effective marketing tactics for their firm. They have an acute understanding of how to perform their duties as lawyers however the marketing side of the equation may be left lacking. Thankfully there is a plethora of information available regarding simple online marketing techniques that are effective for […]

Facebook Marketing For Lawyers

These days almost everyone has a Facebook account and most businesses online have Facebook pages. As an attorney, you may be wondering how relevant a Facebook page may be to your marketing efforts. The truth is that Facebook is a powerful medium for marketing with the potential to instantly connect your law firm to thousands of potential local customers and millions nationwide. Understanding how to use Facebook to effectively market your legal practice will ensure […]

PPC – How Much Should Lawyers Spend?

Many law firms are cognizant of the fact that Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool to implement in their businesses. However this is one type of online marketing where it is very easy to overspend. Without the right margins established, an entire budget can be spent in a short amount of time without any real and measurable results. This is why understanding how much attorneys should spend on PPC is […]