Many law firms are cognizant of the fact that Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is an extremely powerful marketing tool to implement in their businesses. However this is one type of online marketing where it is very easy to overspend. Without the right margins established, an entire budget can be spent in a short amount of time without any real and measurable results. This is why understanding how much attorneys should spend on PPC is key to having a successful ad campaign.

PPC for Attorneys Options

When it comes to spending marketing dollars on PPC, it’s often Google that comes to mind. However there are other search engines that can be equally as lucrative when it comes to using this method to bring in new clients. In addition to Google Adwords, there is also Facebook PPC, Microsoft AdCenter (MSN), and Yahoo Search Marketing. Lawyers using these sites for Pay Per Click marketing may have noticed the cost of legal terms skyrocketing over the past five years. This can be attributed to more and more attorneys using this form of marketing as potential clients are more prone to turn to the Internet to find a new attorney.

Smarter Pay Per Click

Targeting the right keywords is the trick to minimizing your total ad spend on these platforms. Most attorneys already know that they need to go local such as with the keyword ‘Boca Raton personal injury lawyer’. However with every personal injury attorney in the area potentially targeting these keywords how do you stand out? The key is to find sub niche keywords that are very rarely used by other attorneys. With these keywords as the focal points of your online campaigns, you are likely to get more targeted clicks which can be more readily engaged and converted to paying clients for less overall ad spend.

Examining The Specific Amount

For broad range terms such as personal injury lawyer in geographic location, lawyers can easily spend upwards of $30,000. However for less competitive terms it can go as low as $1000 depending on the term’s effectiveness and popularity. To see what ad spends make sense, law firms will need to consider their monthly revenue as well as the conversion rate of their websites. Taking these factors into account can help attorneys to develop healthy ad spends that increase their client base and overall revenue.

Although the upfront costs of spending on Pay Per Click campaigns may seem exorbitant, in the end it may be well worth it. Attorneys should consider the payoff for converting one client per month in relation to the total ad spend in order to put the cost into perspective. Ultimately working with a seasoned marketing professional will always prove beneficial especially for marketing methods that involve both a high investment and a high risk.