Facebook Marketing For Lawyers

Facebook Marketing For Lawyers

These days almost everyone has a Facebook account and most businesses online have Facebook pages. As an attorney, you may be wondering how relevant a Facebook page may be to your marketing efforts. The truth is that Facebook is a powerful medium for marketing with the potential to instantly connect your law firm to thousands of potential local customers and millions nationwide. Understanding how to use Facebook to effectively market your legal practice will ensure the best results for your client getting efforts.

Facebook Page Basics

To market on Facebook, you will need to set up a Facebook page for your law firm. This can be done in house or you can hire someone to do this for you. Your page should include all of the information about what areas of law your practice is in as well as contact information for potential clients to reach you. Including some photos of the attorneys in your practice as well as your logo, office, or any other photos relevant to your business adds a touch of personalization.

Posting to your Facebook Page

Think of your Facebook page as a mini website and as such it should be posted to as frequently as possible. Staying abreast of any new changes to the law in areas you practice in can be shared as updates on your page. Whenever you share a blog post on your main website, this can also be utilized as posts which can be shared on your Facebook page as well. By updating your Facebook page often, it will be easier to keep potential clients engaged while building your law firm’s online image. A tool such as Buffer can be used to schedule Facebook posts and free up time for other obligations in your law firm.

A Powerful Call to Action

People respond to directives and a general post about an interesting legal topic may be nice to read but they will quickly move on and forget about it. However if you place a powerful call to action at the end of each post, you can increase your chances of having the results you want. Examples of calls to action include ‘sign up for our newsletter’, ‘contact us if you have a similar legal concern’, or ‘refer us to anyone who you think may need our legal services.’

Make use of audience insights

Audience and post insights can be used to glean information about your audience. Simply select the tab on your Facebook page labeled ‘Insights’. This tab will reveal a host of data about the people who visit your page including demographics, where your posts are coming from, where likes are coming from, how likes grow over time, and basic information about people who engage with any posts you have made. This data can be used to create very targeted Facebook ads which could quickly turn into potential new clients.

By utilizing these Facebook strategies, you will be well on your way to building up your law firm’s online presence while using the largest social network to obtain a new stream of clients.