It’s no secret that marketing is the lifeline of any business and for lawyers, there is no exception. However attorneys may not be proficient at enacting the most effective marketing tactics for their firm. They have an acute understanding of how to perform their duties as lawyers however the marketing side of the equation may be left lacking. Thankfully there is a plethora of information available regarding simple online marketing techniques that are effective for law firms. Below are five of the most effective online marketing methods for attorneys that can be used to bring in clients.

#1 Content Marketing

By far one of the most effective techniques that attorneys can use to bring in new potential clients is through content marketing. The value of the information that is given away at no charge in the form of informational content will return tenfold in the way of new clients. This can be attributed to the fact that good quality content and videos engender trust which is an imperative component of the buying process.

# 2 Referrals

Often lawyers neglect to tap their own base of previous clients for potential new cases. Who better to make a recommendation than someone who has successfully tried a law firm in the past and was able to get great results. Instead of neglecting this potential income pool, reconnect with past clients either through a phone call, direct mail, or an email campaign and find out whether or not they have someone who could use your legal services.

# 3 Trade Associations

Being active in a trade association can do wonders for one’s law practice. Exposure to other attorneys in different practice areas can engender acquaintanceships that will last a lifetime. These relationships formed at trade associations can be a potential source of clients for many years to come.

#4 Blogging

Often law firms have great intentions when it comes to consistently blogging, however the best laid plans often fall through the cracks. When it comes to an effective form of marketing, blogging should be one that is seriously considered for its potential to engage new clients while keeping them updated with new developments in your law firm.

# 5 Social Media

A social media presence is a must for anyone doing business either off or online. In addition to a fully developed website, attorneys should have a Twitter account and Facebook page to start with. These accounts should be kept up to date regularly to help build more exposure to the law firm while increasing engagement.

These five most effective tips for lawyers about online marketing can prove to be very helpful in obtaining new clients as well as solidifying a law firm’s brand and online presence. If there isn’t enough time to do these tasks in house, seek out a knowledgeable marketing expert to get started today.