According to the Center of Disease Control, Florida has the highest rate of bicycle fatalities per capita. This is mostly because we live in a state where you can bike year-round so on average we have more bikers on the road. Plus, many of our roads are new and built with wider traffic lanes allowing for people to drive fast.

To avoid an accident where you could be hurt or even worse, killed, there are some general safety rules you need to follow. First and foremost, always wear a helmet, cycling is the sport with the most related brain injuries. Even if you are just going for a ride through the neighborhood, always make sure tires have enough air and that your chain is running smoothly. It is also not a bad idea to have a set of tools in case a situation arises and your bike needs repair.

In South Florida where we have a large elderly population it is best to make sure you are seen. Wear bright color clothing and if you are riding at night, or even dawn or dusk, anytime the visibility might be poor use red rear light, a front white light and reflectors.

Try to watch for potholes, construction cones and debris. Ride outside the door zone for parked cars and always try to anticipate what drivers may do next, and make sure to look for turning vehicles. Signal so people know when you are turning, and always check behind you before you turn or change lanes.

Finally follow the law. Ride with traffic, obey stop signs and traffic signals.

Whether a recreational cyclist or competitive cyclist out for a training ride, cycling in urban settings is dangerous, sometimes deadly. Our bicycle accident attorneys fight to bring you the money you need and deserve for the serious injuries sustained in your cycling accident.

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