Estate Planning 101

Estate Planning 101

What is estate planning?

An estate plan allows you to identify how you want your property dispersed amongst your loved ones after your death. An estate consists of bank accounts, life insurance policies, personal property like jewelry, art and cars, real estate and even stocks. In an estate plan, you can ensure your loved ones are provided for, you can even determine child guardianship for minors as well power of attorney and even healthcare wishes.

Who should have an estate plan?

Everyone! Estate plans aren’t just for married couples with kids, singles and same sex marriages should also have a plan in place. If you own something of value you have an estate. If you don’t have a plan in place the state will step in and determine how your assets will get divided, which can cost your loved one’s money and time in probate court.

There are multiple ways to dispose of property using Wills and Trusts and other more sophisticated planning documents. Law Partners William Boyes, John Farina and Peter Matwiczyk are Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Wills, Trusts and Estates. They are recognized as top lawyers in their filed by many nationally prestigious organizations.

Representing individuals throughout South Florida since 1994, together, we decide which instrument best serves your needs and the needs of your beneficiaries and charitable organizations.