How Accurate Are Breathalyzer Tests?

In the US, drunk driving is a frequent occurrence. To reduce that frequency, law enforcement takes the crime very seriously. They employ checkpoints and keep a vigilant eye for those who may be driving under the influence. With the help of breathalyzer tests, police officers make many DUI arrests. But are breathalyzers an accurate way to determine impairment? The Value of the BAC The blood alcohol content, or BAC, is a value that determines whether […]

How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney Near You

If you want to maximize your chances of winning a personal injury case, the key is finding the right attorney. Working with a reliable personal injury attorney will provide you with the representation you need to secure a better outcome. However, with so many attorneys out there to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the attorney who’s most compatible with both you and your case. Here are some steps to take when […]

What You Need to Know About your Deposition

If you are a party to a personal injury lawsuit, there is a good chance that you will have to be deposed.  Being questioned under oath by an opposing attorney can be intimidating. While it may not be fun, it doesn’t have to be something to fear. Deposition Definition: What is a Deposition? Rules regarding depositions differ by state.  This article focuses on factors that are common to many states. Your attorney should advise you […]

Creating a Will: 7 Great Reasons to Create a Will Now

It is easy to see why so many otherwise responsible people procrastinate when it comes to preparing their wills. Nothing brings you face to face with your mortality like creating a document detailing how your final affairs are to be handled and your assets distributed, so it is no surprise so many folks put it off. The reluctance may be understandable, but living without a will is an extremely risky thing to do. No matter […]

How to Write a Persuasive Settlement Demand Letter for Personal Injury Cases

An effectively written demand letter can go a long way to settle a personal injury case short of trial. The letter should only be prepared after the incident leading to it has been fully investigated, your witnesses and experts have been interviewed and the injured person is medically stable, although future treatment may be required. There are five distinct sections to a settlement demand letter. The first, a heading, simply provides basic information such as […]