Plain Meaning of the Trust is What Governs

    The Second District Court of Appeal’s opinion in Ebeling v. Ebeling (June 7, 2019) reiterated this concept of trust construction.
    In Ebeling, the trial court construed the terms of a trust to determine the entitlement to the trust’s assets.  The trial court’s decision on distribution to contingent beneficiaries named in the trust rater than the decedent’s estate was reversed.
    The trust was governed by Illinois law but that did not make any difference. …

    What is Personal Injury Law?

    In trying to explain what personal injury law is, a good place to start is by saying what it isn’t. If you’re a fan of police shows like Law & Order or Castle that’s exactly what Personal Injury isn’t. In a personal injury case, there doesn’t have to be any suggestion of wrongdoing in the sense of a law being broken. Although it is possible that there is an element of criminal negligence (we’ll talk […]